marți, 22 martie 2011

I need love

Maybe it's my fault for being lazy, for being such a coward. I am probably the most hideous person that has ever seen the light on the face of the earth . I am afraid of happiness and I don't fail to tell everyone around me that.
I'm sorry for being such a rock.

duminică, 20 martie 2011

Stone cold

I am a block of ice in your arms;I'm stone cold and Edward Cullen would envy my restraint. You see me like a piece of would : heartless , cool, calculate and away from your access .You think I choose this ,instead of thinking that it has chosen me . You think that it is because your heat won't dare to reach me. But it's actually the other way around.
I realize that your presence ,though wanted so much, feels so overwhelming .

You see me cold and think that I don't care. But then again, I wish you would keep close to me

joi, 3 martie 2011

I wish you were a beautiful liar...

I always knew that truth should come first, that it is the way to heal and free the soul, to empower you . But truth brings deception , because it is the exact opposite of faith , he is cruel. Sometimes, lying is the best protective shield you could get. Sometimes,embracing the truth is the best solution: giving you power and strength , cuddling you like no other .
I wish you were a beautiful liar, whose lies would not hurt a piece of me .